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The Unexpected Uses for Shea Butter

What does good skin look and feel like? Clear, smoothe, more youthful, and healthier skin can be achieved with the many uses of shea butter. 

The many uses for shea butter range from food to medicine to beauty. At Lumin, we take care to seek out multi-functional ingredients so that you get the most value from your skincare routine which is why you can find it in some of our most popular and in our soon-to-be released innovative products.

What is Shea Butter?

This versatile ingredient is sourced from the nuts of shea trees mostly found in West Africa. Rich and highly moisturizing shea butter becomes soft at body temperature. Although this butter is extracted from tree nuts, it is low in common allergens making it an ideal ingredient for skin care that suits all skin types.

Shea butter has been used for centuries as a skincare ingredient. Not only is it extremely moisturizing and healing to the skin, shea butter gives natural protection from sun damage, bacteria, and fungal infections.

Skin Care Benefits of Shea Butter

What does good skin look and feel like? Clear, smoothe, more youthful, and healthier skin can be achieved with the many uses of shea butter. Most skin predicaments are exasperated by inflammation caused by internal and external factors. This may result in anything from dry, itchy skin to acne breakouts. Shea butter has many benefits because it is naturally anti-inflammatory meaning that it can help reduce redness and irritation caused by the most common skin conditions.

While shea butter is extremely moisturizing, it is non-greasy so that your skin can enjoy its benefits without looking overly shiny or slippery. Moisturizing properties work synergistically with naturally-occurring antioxidants vitamin A and E to protect your skin and reduce the signs of aging.

Uses for Shea Butter

Thanks to its many healthy properties, shea butter is an all-purpose ingredient that is useful for most areas of the body. The healing properties of this powerhouse ingredient make it ideal for healing chapped lips, scars, and razor burn. Look for shea butter in the ingredients in your next hand cream or deodorant to give your neglected parts some extra care.

To fight acne, look for a face wash that adds shea butter. Many scrubs and face washes can be too harsh on acne-prone skin. Shea butter soothes sensitive skin and can reduce inflammation when a breakout strikes. 

What other uses for shea butter have you found? Explore our products and let us know how you would like to see us using this functional ingredient in future products by contacting our Support Concierge.

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