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Return & Refund Policy

  1. Replacement Assistance

    The fastest way to receive our assistance is to submit a customer support ticket via the chat widget on our FAQ page.

    If you received defective, damaged, or incorrect products, select the chat topic [Product Issues].

    If your order experienced problems with shipping or delivery, select the chat topic [Shipping & Delivery].

    Please contact us for assistance within 90 days of your order’s purchase date. After 90 days, we are unable to guarantee that return, refund, or replacement assistance can be offered.

  2. Return Eligibility

    We only accept the return of one-time purchases and subscription orders. The order must be unopened and returned within 60 days of its delivery, as indicated by its tracking information.

    We do not accept the return of free trial orders. This is because our free trial promotion is offered at the cost of shipping while the products are free.

  3. Return Policy

    To receive a full refund, please follow our guidelines below and ship your unopened order to one of our warehouses. View our full list of warehouse addresses here.

    Step 1

    Check if your order meets all the conditions for returning and getting a refund.

      • The package is unopened
      • The package was delievered to you less than 60 days ago
      • It is a one-item purchase or a subscription order (not a free trial)

    Step 2

    Choose a courier service and pay the cost of return shipping.

      • We do not cover the cost of return shipping
      • You can be eligible for a 50% refund on orders marked as "refused" or "returned to sender"
      • We do not accept in-person returns.

    Step 3

    Submit your proof of return via chat on our FAQ page by selecting [Refund & Return] > [submit my proof of return].

    Your returned shipment receipt must show our warehouse as the destination. If it doesn’t, you must also submit one of the following as your proof of return:

    1. an active return tracking number, OR

    2. a photo of your package clearly labeled with a return destination

    Step 4

    We process your refund, which may take up to 5-10 business days to return to your original payment method.

  4. Partial Refund

    We are unable to provide a full refund for orders that are marked as "Refused" or "Returned to Sender", including cases when customers refuse to fulfill the required customs payments or to pick up their orders held by the courier. These orders are not guaranteed to reach our warehouses and therefore eligible for a 50% refund. Original shipping fees are non-refundable. We provide replacement assistance as an alternative remediation for these types of orders.

  5. Refund Timeline

    Once our support team confirms that your refund has been processed, the funds may take up to 5-10 business days to return to your original method of payment. This is a standard banking time frame and will vary depending on your financial institution.

  6. Free Trial Policy

    Free trial orders are non-refundable. Our free trial promotion waives the price of the trial products and is offered at the cost of shipping. The default free trial period is 30 days starting on the free trial’s order date.

    Each customer is allowed to redeem our free trial promotion once. Customers who redeem multiple free trial promotions are in violation with our free trial policy and will be charged in full at our subscription pricing for subsequent free trial orders.

    By redeeming our free trial promotion, you are agreeing to the automatic enrollment of our bimonthly subscription service. Your first subscription order is set to renew at the end of your 30-day free trial period. Upon your subscription’s scheduled renewal date, your default payment method on file will automatically be charged with our subscription pricing.

    You can extend or cancel your free trial at any time through your Lumin account or by submitting a chat ticket through our FAQ page. Select the chat topic [Account & Subscription] > [Update account or subscription].

  7. Subscription Cancellation

    If you have an active subscription and do not want to get charged for a renewal order, you must cancel your subscription before its renewal date. Please note, cancelling your subscription does not retroactively cancel your existing or recently renewed orders.

    You can cancel your subscription at any time through your Lumin account or by submitting a chat ticket through our FAQ page. Select the chat topic [Account & Subscription] > [Cancel my subscription].

  8. Order Cancellation

    Due to the automated process our warehouse fulfills and hands off orders to our logistics partners for shipping, we are unable to cancel an order that has been created in our system. Please follow our return policy to receive a full refund for your order.

  9. 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

    30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with a product, we will provide you a refund for the cost of that product (excluding any additional fees). Contact Customer Support through our FAQ chatbot on our site or in writing via within 30 days of the initial order date.

    Please note: the 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee refund does not include any shipping fees, customs fees or any other additional fees. The 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee is only eligible for first-time orders. Products received through a free trial are not eligible for the 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.


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