Everyone Loves an Add-On

Everyone Loves an Add-On

No one gets just a burger. At least, we hope not. You add yummy things to the patty of course. It’s the same with your skincare routine.


Everyone Loves an Add-On

You get lettuce, tomato, ketchup, onion, cheese, bacon. Good lord, bacon. Sure, I guess you could find some satisfaction in just having a burger, but when there’s so many more items you can add to enhance your experience, why wouldn’t you do it?

Which brings us to skincare…

You’ve got your skincare routine worked out. You know the products you like. You’ve found the times that work for you to stay consistent. You’re starting to see some results.

But what if you get the feeling of, “I want to be doing more.” You see your girlfriend using masks and sprays, and you’re wondering, “What are some fun add-ons for me?” Well, do we have some good news for you.

Besides our classic products, we’ve added a range of extras to not only make you feel pampered, but to strengthen the results you’re already starting to see. Here are some of our favorite products for that extra boost your skin craves:

Anti-Fatigue Eye Patch: Need a little extra boost of caffeine to fight those dark circles? Eye Eye, captain.

Charcoal Cleansing Pore Strip: Feeling a blackhead or breakout coming on around your schnoz? We’ve got the remedy for you.

Instant Dark Circle Corrector: Sometimes you need to deflate a bad morning-eye situation. Smooth this little guy over and watch the puffiness fade away.

Intensive Repair Face Mask: Ah, the traditional face mask. 15 minutes in mask heaven and you’re on your way to sun damage protection and intense hydration.

Clean Machine

There’s nothing like that ‘aaahh’ feeling when you’ve splashed cool water over a fresh, clean face. Our Charcoal Face Wash Daily Detox is made specifically for men’s skin, working to remove 
grime while keeping your skin’s pH balanced. Go ahead and say it, aaahhhh.