Sun Damage, Sunburn, & Keeping Your Skin Safe Year-Round

Sun Damage, Sunburn, & Keeping Your Skin Safe Year-Round

What you need to know to enjoy the sun without risking your skin and health.


Sun Damage, Sunburn, & Keeping Your Skin Safe Year-Round

It can be so tempting to rush your morning skin routine and miss crucial steps, but whatever you do, don’t skip your sun protection. Repeat after us: skincare is self-care. And SPF protection is a must for your health and keeping your skin looking good. You’ve probably heard this a million times, but it bears repeating –– if you only do one thing for your face in the morning, apply a high-quality sunblock with SPF 30 or higher. 

It’s all too easy to minimize the effects of sun damage until you’re facing them in the mirror. Whether damage shows up in five years or ten, too much sun exposure is the leading cause of uneven skin tone and premature aging. 

You can see a massive improvement in your skin by getting devotional about your sunscreen habit, and SPF can even reverse the lines and wrinkles you already have when used every day. No skincare routine for men (or anyone) is complete without sun protection from sunburn and sun damage. No matter what, you need to apply sunscreen year-round before heading outside to protect your skin. 

Use Sunscreen Every Day –– Even When It’s Cloudy

Daily use of sunscreen helps prevent skin cancer, sunburn, and damage. You can’t just randomly slather on SPF and expect optimal results –– you need sun protection whenever you leave the house, year-round. The sun’s UV rays can penetrate clouds, so unless you’re sitting in total shade whenever you’re outside, it’s important to remember your sunblock on cloudy days, too.

Also, it can be helpful to remember that sunburn can happen pretty fast for some people, so it’s best to err on the safe side and apply sunscreen whenever you’re going outdoors.

Choose Non-Toxic, Premium Mineral Sunscreen

We’re partial to mineral sunblocks for many reasons. Research shows that mineral sunblock is less irritating to sensitive skin while not exposing you to potentially toxic chemicals found in synthetic, chemical-based sunscreens.

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are the two most common ingredients found in mineral sunblocks, are the only sunscreen ingredients recognized as generally safe by the FDA. If you’re concerned about exposure to sunscreen chemicals, mineral sunscreen is the way to go. And it’s safer for the environment, too.  

We know that many mineral-based sunblocks can feel sticky, and some leave a chalky or white residue on the skin. While we love the benefits of mineral sunblock, we saw room for improvement in terms of skincare results with many formulas we tried. We created our UV-Defense Moisturizing Balm to prevent sunburn, improve skin texture with premium ingredients, and help slow skin aging. Our formula is light, non-greasy, and feels silky-smooth. You won’t even notice that you’re wearing sunblock –– Lumin’s SPF just feels like premium skincare at its best.

Remember that by protecting your skin from the sun today, you can significantly reduce your risk of skin cancer and premature aging in the years to come. We promise –– your skincare efforts are worth it.

Clean Machine

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