Spotlight Luminary Kadin Kerns

Spotlight Luminary  Kadin Kerns

Kadin is a husband, father, fitness fanatic & social media icon. He is passionate about living his best life with his family beside him!


Spotlight Luminary  Kadin Kerns

Kadin is here and we're about to uncover what sparks his genius and makes him a true #Luminary. Buckle up, guys, it's about to get illuminating! 

 What makes you a Luminary?  

I’m a Luminary because I strive to be the best father, husband, friend, trainer, and self! There’s nothing more important than loving the life you’ve created & truly being happy at the end of the day with who you are.

 How do you navigate fatherhood as a Luminary?

Fatherhood has been the best thing! My son Crew brings so much joy into our lives. I approach every day as if it’s going to be our best day. I’m always looking for the positive because the negative will always come it’s just how you respond to the harder times that matters. 

 Tell us about one of your skin concerns, such as dark circles or wrinkles or breakouts. 

My biggest concerns are with my dry skin and getting too much sun. I am outside a lot and need to keep moisturizing. My appearance plays a big part in my jobs of being a personal trainer and putting myself on social media daily. 

 Tell us about your current skincare routine. 

I just use a face wash 2 times a day, morning & night or when I take a shower. I follow this up with a moisturizer and SPF!

 What’s your go-to Lumin product? 

I am using the Charcoal Face Wash and Daily Moisturizer. My routine is simple, but with these products being so efficacious its perfect for my busy lifestyle.

 Tell us about your #GRWM routine? 

My #GRWM would start in the morning at about 3:45am before work. I use the Charcoal Face Wash and Daily Moisturizer right after I work out to start my workday off right.

 Tell us about a recent “lightbulb” or “ah-ha” moment you’ve had.

I heard people talking about their skin and body like they have a very luxury vehicle. Rotating tires, alignment, and more maintenance should be done regularly to make sure every day is running smoothly. 

 Tell us about one of your favorite life hacks. How would this help other guys? 

When you’re in a hurry and can’t do your hair just make sure you have a hat that goes with your outfit! Boom takes a lot less time to get ready and don’t even have to worry about fixing it.

 How do you help others? How do you show up in your community, online or IRL?
I’ve always been a positive person who is very motivating. I’m always telling everyone to be themselves. If you aren’t yourself then you will never truly be happy!

 Share your fatherhood tips that may help other fathers within our community.

Take one day at a time! Whether its sleepless nights, teething, when they learn to crawl, or start to dance take it one day at a time. It flies by and so being present is key!

- Kadin

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